Book: Guitarology

  • Book: Guitarology
  • Book: Guitarology

This is a book for guitar players. A book for beginning players, for intermediate players and for the most experienced guitar heroes. It is the ultimate knowledge guide for anyone who wants to understand how a guitar works and how it produces its sound. According to the author this knowledge is essential if you want to get the most out of your instrument. Why? Because it makes you a better player, because you will learn simple and economic methods to improve the tone of your guitar, and because you will learn to make professional sound recordings in the comfort of your home without spending a fortune on recording equipment. 

This is the first book ever written about guitars that provides insight to the reader, a book that helps you understand. A book that also answers all the ‘why’ questions, not only the ‘how’ and the ‘what’ questions. After reading this book, you will not only know more, but you will also understand more. About vibrating strings, about the effects of bridge saddles, nuts, tone woods, top bracing, resonances in the top and the body, neck construction, vibrations in the air, reflections in the room, microphones, recording equipment, all the way to the point where the sound waves are converted in your ears into electric signals that are sent to your brain. It is all explained in this unique book, with over 120 diagrams and photographs, in words that everybody can understand. It has never been easier to become a guitar expert!

The author has a unique blend of qualifications. Not only is he considered by many as one of the finest guitar players in the world, he also has experience in guitar construction and electronic engineering, and holds a PhD in physics. This makes this book a highly authoritative source of information, and thanks to the humoristic writing style of the author, also a pleasure to read.

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